fiber wrapping

Carbon fiber reinforced concrete is used for structural strengthening of weaker concrete members, like concrete columns, beams, etc. The process of carbon wrapping for columns or fiber Wrapping Columns or beams uses structural carbon fiber. Carbon fiber reinforced concrete has an improved load carrying capacity and an enhanced service life and durability. Carbon Fiber Strengthening increases the ductility of columns along with strength. This treatment to structural members is also known as FRP Jacketing and is also useful for correcting structural design & construction defects. Carbon fiber reinforced concrete in India is prevalent presently as it provides a cost effective solution in comparison with concrete jacketing, post tensioning, etc.Using carbon wrapping for columns reinforcing bars in new concrete can eliminate potential corrosion problems and substantially increase a member’s structural strength. FRP Jacketing is widely used to increase the load carrying capacity of columns.


Carbon fiber reinforced concrete this strengthening technique causes minimum disturbance to the structural members as compared to conventional methods. Effective use of carbon fiber reinforced Concrete or polymer could significantly increase the life of structures, minimizing the maintenance requirements. Carbon wrapping for columns are resistant to corrosion; hence they are used for corrosion control and rehabilitation of reinforced concrete structures. Carbon fiber reinforced Concrete and Carbon wrapping for columns is also widely used to strengthen concrete structures.


Nowadays Fiber Strengthening is used not only in repairs but also in new construction, if strength of concrete is not achieved as per design criteria i.e if your concrete cube fails. FRP strengthening can be done with the help of either glass fiber wrapping / carbon fiber wrapping or carbon laminate. Frp column wrap is generally used for enhancing load carrying capacity of column by glass fiber wrap or carbon fiber wrap. Fiber wrap concrete is the latest strengthening/enhancement technology for reinforced concrete and masonary structural members. It is used for flexural, shear or confinement strengthening of structural members.


Carbon fiber reinforced concrete or polymer is currently used world wide to retrofit and repair structurally deficient infrastructures such as bridges and buildings. Carbon fiber reinforced concrete or Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) systems are a very viable option for strengthening concrete, masonry, and wood structures. Fiber Reinforced Polymer is also widely used to strengthen concrete structures, structural carbon fiber wrap is more popular than glass fiber wrapping & carbon laminate.



. Increases flexural, shear or confinement strength of structural members.

. Where speedy repair and high strengths are required.




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